Nowadays, Electric vehicles are becoming very popular and its market share is also expected to rise greatly . Expectations regarding GDP is to grow by 25 percent in India. The fuel prices of Electric vehicles can be low like only 1.1Rs/km . It help to reduce vehicular emission which otherwise creates a 3% GDP loss every year. The fuel prices have been increased 76 times in India . Many of citizens in India have started using electric vehicles as their regular transport system. Also, Kolkata has made and promoted e-rickshaws that are much environment-friendly and economical.The Indian Government has also started adopting use of electric vehicles like the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP), Faster adoption and manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME) scheme . According to Niti Ayog Report Indian wants to grow minimum of 10 GWh of cells by 2012 . Government is also starting to implement some others ways for promotion of electric vehicles like by reducing GST amount compared to the regular cars, providing loans of approx 1.5 lacs, importing electric vehicle parts with exempted custom duty and a five-year phased manufacturing program (PMP) until 2024.