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The objective of the Win Green Transportation organization is to improve a green world and promote sustainability

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 We are a group of youngsters working towards providing the same. By introducing simple changes we can make it happen.

 We, at Win Green Transportation, believe that every individual has the capacity to bring a change. So why not do it? Come, join our campaign, in our fight to make the world a greener, better and healthier place for yourself and your family!


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What is green transportation?

Green Transportation includes those modes of transportation that do not depend on diminishing natural resources like fossil fuels.

What are the benefits of green transportation?

These transportation modes rely on renewable energy sources so they have very low impact on the environment as these modes produce minimal or no greenhouse gas emission.

What is the importance of green transportation?

Green transportation is an important means for easing traffic congestion and solving urban pollution and environmental problems of major international cities, which actively promote green travelling and public transport, and shift from being vehicle-oriented to being human-oriented.

What is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport?

Walking and cycling comes first in the green transportation hierarchy. Apart from these, the use of public transports like buses, trams, metros etc. are considered the most environmentally friendly.

Why is public transport considered eco-friendly?

Public transport is considered eco-friendly because by reducing automobiles it contributes to reducing energy consumption, thereby reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases.

Non-renewable energy 


Saving Resources

Using the green transportation method we can save a huge amount of non-renewable energy resources.


Reducing Sources

Non-renewable energy comes from sources that will eventually run out or cannot be replenished for millions of years. Most non-renewable energy sources are fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas which are mainly used for transportation purposes. 

Sustainable Transportation

When we switch to green transportation, there is a huge reduction in the usage of these fossil fuels, which results in the reduction of the carbon footprint and also there will be enough of these resources for the future generations