Carbon emissions mean when carbon is released into the atmosphere. They have a very important role to play towards climate change.
Carbon is the most basic element and most important for life on earth. Co2 gets released into the atmosphere in numerous ways. Firstly through exchange between oceans and atmosphere. Animals and plants also release co2 through respiration. also when plants and animals decompose co2 is emitted into the atmosphere. But all these are the natural process to maintain a balance in the environment.
The problem arises when humans enter the process. All the balance gets disturbed. When we extract, use transport, refine and burn fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, oil. Some extra amount
of carbon is released which becomes a problem. Also due to a large number of deforestation large number of co2 absorbing trees get destroyed.
Greenhouse gases are any gases that are capable of absorbing infrared radiation emitted from the earth’s surface and reradiating it back to the earth’s surface, which contributes to the greenhouse effect. Some of the examples are carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, which are the most important and to some lesser extent are nitrous oxides, surface-level ozone, and fluorinated gases.
What are the effects?
The main cause is climate change which is altering the planet. These are causing several events like tropical storms, forest fires, severe droughts, heat waves which are affecting crop production, destroying the animal’s natural habitat, and more. Because of the extreme emission of greenhouse gases, it is causing global warming. Some of the devastating effects of global
warming change in the quality of life, increase in pollution of all kinds, animal extinction, disruption of the food chain.
Carbon emmissions and transporataion
As we all know with the coming of modern transports like cars, trains, boats, airplanes.Most of which are powered by fossil fuels and emit a large amount of carbon dioxide into the air when burned. The increase in the use of transportation has also resulted in a significant greenhouse effect.
As this is becoming a major problem, car manufacturers are developing and promoting electric vehicles and scientists are trying to discover an alternative for fossil fuels that can be created from renewable energy. these types of major changes can bring a positive change for climate change. Also, trains which are operated by electricity will be a good chance to reduce the
carbon emissions. The individuals can also bring a change by evaluating the travel options available and investigating one’s relative carbon footprint. To cover short distances one can walk or use bicycles instead of using cars. Preferring to use public transports instead of using a personal vehicle can also be a great choice.
Carbon emissions and cryptocurrency
Researches have shown that the growing cryptocurrency energy has lead to a large amount of environmental harm. Data from the University of Cambridge and the International Energy Agency shows that at the current rate bitcoin “mining” devours about the same amount of energy annually as the Netherlands did in 2019. There is an alternative that, Projects from
Canada to Siberia are striving for ways to wean bitcoin mining away from fossil fuels, such as using hydropower, or at least to reduce its carbon footprint.