Benefits of Green Transportation



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Benefits of Green Transportation

Green transportation is the kind of transportation system that has no negative effects on the environment. Switching to green transportation is not only important for the present but for the future generations as well. Green transportation is necessary because it is environmentally friendly as it reduces the usage of non-renewable resources, saving the environment.

How can we implement green transportation in our daily lives?

We can apply green transportation by reducing the usage of personal vehicles and instead switching to green methods such as:

  • walking
  • use of cycles
  • use of public transport
  • sharing cars

Also we can use green vehicles for transportation  which run on wind, hydrogen, solar energy or biofuels.



Pollution By Cars


Green transportation is of great significance in the current world, where the environment is getting exhausted every single day and dependence on gas and petrol is increasing, creating a threat to the environment. Green transportation is not only a low-carbon and environmental travelling mode, but also a return to a healthy and leisure lifestyle. It is not only a low-carbon and environmental travelling mode, but also a come back to a fit and peaceful lifestyle.


Pollution By Light Duty Truck

Construction of Green Transportation system is necessary for:


  • Intensive use of road resources for ease of traffic congestion
  • The decrease of energy consumption for energy conservation
  • The reduction of exhaust emmision for improvement of air quality
  • The reduction of carbon emission to decrease the greenouse effect


Pollution By Medium or Heavy Duty Truck

Upgrades Quality

Accepting the green transportation method will upgrade the quality of the environment. And consequently, with our strong will power and continuous attempts, we can implement green transportation which will help in improving the condition of the earth.


Green transportation is a low-carbon and environmental travelling mode. Supporting the green transportation method will better the standard of the locale we live in. 

The current manners of transportation use energy resources such as fossil fuels, which emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Shifting to green transportation would help the atmosphere get rid of these toxic gases since these modes of transportation have few to zero emissions.

Accepting the green transportation modes like walking, use of bicycles and public transport, car-sharing and use of vehicles that run with biofuels will save a lot of cost related to buying fossils fuels at the pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the greenest form of transportation?

Walking and the use of bicycles is considered the greenest form of transportation as there is zero emissions of harmful gases.

How does green transportation help the environment?

Around 85% of greenhouse gas emissions are from the transportation sector. With the use of green transportation, there will be a huge reduction in greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions.

What is a green transport plan?

A Green Transport Plan is a package of measures developed by an employer designed to discourage their employees, visitors or customers from driving alone and to encourage the use of more environmentally friendly forms of transport.

How does green transportation help to Improved health?

Energy sources from fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil emit toxic gases that give a negative impact to our health. In fact, these gases have been associated with rising cases of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. The emissions produced by green vehicles are not harmful to human health, so embracing green transportation will only improve one’s health status.

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