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Green transportation is gaining its popularity owing to its eco-friendliness and sustainability.


Do you know, even higher officials in Japan travel via bicycles or public transport. Indeed, they have new latest bicycles developed as per their need. For instance, folding bicycles so that it can be taken wherever they want. Amazing!.

Green House Gas

 Transportation being the major contributor to the greenhouse gas emission has led to the emergence of Green Transportation.

Solar Power

 There are solar powered skateboards being developed in some countries which operate via your voice or eye contact.

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Modes of Green Transportation

Perspective Transport

From the perspective of means of transportation, green transportation system includes walking, bicycle, regular
public transport and rail transport. From the perspective of vehicle of transportation, green transportation vehicles
include various low-pollution vehicles, such as dual-energy vehicle, natural gas vehicle, electric vehicle, hydrogen power vehicle and solar energy vehicle


Travelling by bicycle helps you in pollution reduction and also boosts your fitness.


Walking helps you in pollution reduction and also boosts your fitness..

Electrified Green Transport

Green transportation also includes different kinds of electrified transportation vehicles such as trolley bus, tram car, light rail and subway. Green transportation is a new concept and a practice goal, specifically referring to the convenient, safe, efficient, low-pollution, humanized and diversified urban transportation system. It adapts to the habitat environment development by public transport, and coordinates with ecological development.

Railways and Tramps

Railways and tramps are some of the best travelling ways.


Subways are also best way to travel.

Electric Power

Electric powered vehicles are the ones that runs solely on electric motor having no secondary source of propulsion.

Foot Power

Walk, jog and run with your own foot power. If not that, then why not go for skating or cycling for a healthy you and friendly nature.

Hybrid Power

The most trending these days, hybrid powered vehicles use two or more distinct types of power. Toyota Prius is a full hybrid vehicle.

Solar Power

The best and highest on demand, the solar powered vehicles which has innumerable benefits and no defects. For instance, Hyundai Solar Car.

Ride In Luxury

Travelling is utmost fun, but when we can travel without hurting the environment it’s the best idea we all must go for. Afterall, who wouldn’t love riding with benefits?

Save Earth, Travel GREEN

Save our very own Planet.

Save Earth, Reduce POLLUTION

Plant trees and help reduce pollution.

Green Trensportation Benefits

Through Improved health, reduced stress, potential cost savings. Also helps in reducing pollution and helps to increase the oxygen level of the ecosystem

For Individuals

It will help the organization to maintain healthier more motivated workforce, improved access to sites for employees , potential recruiters, contractors and visitors.

For Organization

Through Improved local air quality  with less noise, dirt, fumes as well as reducing the impact of other national and global environmental problems such as photochemical smog and global warming.

For Environment

Frequently Asked Questions

What is green transportation plan?

Green transportation is a set to measures tailored to suit the individual circumstances of different locations but with the common aim of reducing the impact of travel to work and transport activity during work.

What are the benefits of green transport?

The main aim of the green transportation is to reduce or cut the amount of gas emission which leads to decrease in pollution rates. Most of the green transportation modes are made from low-cost materials and it’s using low-cost energy

What is the greenest form of transportation?

Bus. Generally speaking, taking the bus is the greenest way to go. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, a couple boarding a motor coach will cut their carbon nearly in half, compared with driving even a hybrid car.

What is considered a green vehicle?

green vehicle, clean vehicle, eco-friendly vehicle or environmentally friendly vehicle is a road motor vehicle that produces less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable conventional internal combustion engine vehicles running on gasoline or diesel, or one that uses certain alternative fuels..

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